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Large decorative iron letters

Decorative letters for bars, metal-made industrial style. Rich in artistic aesthetics, positive effect on the layout of various commercial spaces, suitable for a variety of scenes, such as bars, restaurants, art galleries, commercial centers. Many iron art letters can also be used as shelves to expand storage space, which is a good helper in your life.
decorative letters

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Why choose Kingbar

Highly efficient production and great prices

Our factory has been exploring automated production since 2010 and we have invested a lot to increase our competitiveness and labor costs have been reduced significantly. Kingbar has the ability to handle your project in a short time and provide you with high-quality furniture products.

Strong OEM&ODM Capability

We have our own design team and rich experience in furniture production and manufacturing to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Quality Management System

Our staff conducts comprehensive quality checks on raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products. The system greatly ensures the proper status of your order without affecting our production speed.