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Bar Lettering MUSIC

Product Features

  • Selected from high-quality iron-crafted, hand-made, personalized each product is unique.
  • Surface baking paint process processing, not easy to rust not easy to lose paint.
  • Built-in color ambient light, break the monotonous color environment, both aesthetic and practical.

Customization Options

  • Lettering size and color
  • Alphabet

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about Kingbar

Why choose Kingbar’s bar lettering?

1) We are a metal restaurant furniture supplier, supporting wholesale and custom bar furniture to meet your needs.

2) Uniqueness – With our stylish designs, your life is as unique as Kingbar’s restaurant tables and chairs wholesale. We want every product to bring you pleasure.

3) Our bar stools and restaurant furniture sets are affordable and support customization and wholesale. We offer industrial-style tables, chairs, stools, bar chairs, buffets, cabanas, home bars, wine racks, bar tables, most of them are metal-type products, very suitable for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other commercial spaces.

4) Kingbar has high efficient production line: Our factory was established in 2010, we invest a lot in product design and manufacturing to stay competitive in the industry. By using automatic production lines to improve efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers and lower the production cost. Kingbar has the ability to process your orders in a short time and can provide high-quality commercial restaurant furniture.

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